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The Titletown Collection

Finally, a way to inform everyone in your life about Connecticut’s basketball greatness.

Support the efforts of The UConn Blog dot com and our independent, dedicated coverage of Husky athletics by purchasing a t-shirt from the Titletown Collection!

With men’s and women’s versions and a wide range of available products, we are offering you a multitude of ways to teach friends, family, and coworkers about the numerous championships accumulated by UConn Basketball.

The designs are by @BPenfieldJ, who also did the very popular and still very cool #NFG shirt. We’re going to be releasing additional designs in the coming days as well.

Order now so you can have your gear in time to show off to the Syracuse fans at Madison Square Garden on December 5th—any purchase in the next two weeks gets 15% off!

These make a perfect gift for that special Husky fan in your life. With water bottles, travel coffee mugs, and aprons, there’s no shortage of options!

BUY NOW: The Titletown Collection

“But Aman, what happens when UConn wins another title?” you might ask.

Very fair point. I have two answers:

  1. For the men, I think we’ll happily accept a t-shirt being out of date if UConn wins another championship. In fact, if this shirt sets some sort of reverse jinx, all the better.
  2. Since the women are winning at least the next two, we’ll just update the design every year and you’ll have to buy new gear. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

Proceeds will go to The UConn Blog, an excellent okay website that helps Husky fans stay on top of UConn men’s and women’s soccer, tackle football, hockey, men’s and women’s basketball, and baseball. Nobody else does that, so please consider supporting us with braggy clothing purchases.