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UConn’s PK80 jerseys are not good

The Huskies’ uniform designs for the men and women at the PK80 are out and, well, they could be better.

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On Thursday, one week ahead of UConn‘s first game in the PK80 Tournament, Nike released uniform designs for the 16 participating teams. They have an NFL Color Rush feel to them, and UConn’s did not come out very well.

Part of the reason for that is a style decision Nike made. From the press release:

During play, the teams will wear footwear and uniforms inspired by Knight’s signature style. Known for his all-black outfits and sunglasses, Knight’s look is translated through all-black makeups of... [sneakers].

Knight’s all-black preference also extends into the special-edition uniform designs for each school — connected to one another through the application of black graphics and a black jock tag.”

Because of this filter applied to the color scheme, UConn’s navy/white/red became gray and black.

They’re not good. That’s true. They belong squarely at the bottom of the UConn men’s basketball uniform power rankings, below the gray and orange ones from 2012.

It’s not a good look. It’s boring and doesn’t have the same pop as other jerseys do. It has none of UConn’s colors in it. But at least it isn’t Arkansas.

There’s also a women’s hoops tournament going down as part of the PK80 festivities. The UConn women are part of a four-team field playing on the University of Oregon campus.

UConn’s gray and black color scheme is the same, but the women’s jerseys say “Huskies” across the chest instead of “UConn” and the pattern on the shorts is different as well.

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