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UConn Getting New Soccer, Baseball, and Softball Stadiums

The Board of Trustees approved $60 million for new on-campus facilities.

The UConn Blog has confirmed that a $60 million proposal for new baseball, softball, and soccer stadiums on campus has been approved by the Board of Trustees. The project will break ground in mid-2018 as originally planned back in March when $4.75 million was approved to commission designs for the three stadiums.

The agenda of today’s Board of Trustees meeting contained an attachment stating that $185 million was up for discussion for upgrades to recreational facilities. The plan called for $100 million towards a new student recreation center, $25 million for rec center infrastructure, and $60 million for “athletic stadia and related projects.”

The proposal has passed and will be funded by bonds issued in March 2018 which the school will eventually repay. The rec center will be repaid by student fees while the athletic facilities will be repaid by a combination of private donations and ticket revenue. The bonds are authorized by the UConn 2000 Act which has been a cornerstone of the flagship university’s improvement over the past few decades.

This is of course great news for the men’s soccer, women’s soccer, baseball and softball teams, a group of four which contains some of UConn’s most successful and popular athletic programs. We’ll probably be seeing updated designs soon but until then, you can check out renderings from the school here.