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WATCH: Crowd Noise Important For UConn Football This Weekend

In a night game at Rentschler Field against an SEC opponent, the crowd noise can be a big help for the Huskies.

UConn football will need the crowd to be extra loud on Saturday night.
Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

Back in 2011, former Baylor Bears quarterback Robert Griffin III said that Rentschler Field was the loudest stadium he had played in. Those words came from a player who played in many heralded stadiums in the Big XII.

There have been plenty of other games where the Rent has been loud. The Pittsburgh overtime game with Jonathan Hernandez at quarterback and the Michigan game come to mind.

With a very important game against a SEC opponent in the Missouri Tigers, even though it’s a down year for them, crowd noise could play an important role. A win this weekend would push the UConn Huskies to .500 with four games to play and give them a chance to reach bowl eligibility.