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Final Score: UConn Men’s Hockey ties No. 7 Boston University

The Huskies draw with the Terriers, 2-2.

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

Lines and starters

Starting lineup: Adam Huska in goal; Spencer Naas, Benjamin Freeman and Kasperi Ojantakanen up front; David Drake and Adam Karashik on defense.

Live Updates:

First Period:

0:00- And the game is on! UConn is in navy headed left to right while No. 7 Boston University is in their home whites with red trim.

17:00- We are three minutes away from no goals and no penalties to speak of in the first stanza.

20:00- No penalties, no goals, but not uneventful. Huska is on pace to see almost 45 shots and Boston University had more of the solid opportunities, but the Huskies defense was up to the task. They really weathered a storm in the middle stage of the period where the Terriers were able to make line changes in the offensive zone and put the pressure on for about four minutes, but they came out of it with a tie and forced some pressure at the end of the period.

“I thought we weathered a storm in the first period,” head coach Mike Cavanaugh said. “I thought BU came out hard, especially in the first three-to-four shifts.”

Second Period:

0:00- And the period is on! The Huskies look to build on the momentum they built at the tail end of the first period.

5:18- Alexander Payusov called for interference. Boston University gets the first power play of the evening. Really important for UConn to come out of this one still tied.

11:17- Chase Phelps for cross-checking. UConn’s first power play of the night.

11:39- Bobo Carpenter scores. Wyatt Newpower attempted to corral a clear but it got away from him on the right point and the junior from North Reading, Massachusetts backhanded the puck behind Huska. 1-0 BU

12:46- Maxim Letunov made a heady play and it paid off with a goal. He broke his stick but kept it in the zone with a kick to Austin. His heavy shot from the center point deflects off the top of Jake Oettinger’s glove and in to tie proceedings at 1-1.

“I thought that [goal] showed some resilience from our team,” Cavanaugh said.

15:59- Dante Fabbro gets the gate for interference. The Huskies are 1-for-1 today, 7-for-19 for the season.

17:10- Huska went out to play the puck and he didn’t keep his blade in the ice and he didn’t play it clean, which allowed Bobo Carpenter to wrap around and score again, shorthanded on the back hand. 2-1 No. 7 Boston University leads.

“[Huska] stayed with it. He didn’t get down,” Cavanaugh said. “He didn’t get paralyzed by a bad play. He made some big saves in the third period.

“He didn’t let one bad goal turn into two bad goals.”

20:00- It was a mixed bag. The beginning of the period saw hope, with an early burst of shots and chances helping bring the shots and attempts deficit to almost even, but the two goals were on the power play and neither should have happened. The first one came when Newpower misplayed a puck at the right point and the second one game when Huska lost focus for a moment. The puck movement on the power play was good, but the Huskies have to clean it up in five-on-five in the final 20 minutes if they want to have a chance at pulling out an upset.

Third Period:

0:00- And the period is on! Let’s see if the Huskies can pull out a goal here.

5:37- Chad Krys called for cross-checking. UConn has scored on one of their two power plays, while the Terriers have scored on both of the Huskies’ chances with the man adavnage...

7:30- And the Huskies tie it in the dying embers of the power play! Maxim Letunov took a nice shot from the slot that Oettinger saved, but the rebound fell to Alexander Payusov and he buries it for a 2-2 game.

20:00- Overtime coming up. The Huskies played better in the third period and now lead in shot attempts. Time for overtime.


0:00- The Huskies are shooting into the students for overtime.

2:45- Timeout taken. 2:15 to go.

5:00- Tie game. This is the kind of result the Huskies can feel happy about on the road against the No. 7 team in the nation, especially if they can build on it with a win to take three out of four points against Boston University. If they do that most weekends, they will be looking like a real contender in Hockey East.

Postgame press conference: Head Coach Mike Cavanaugh, Johnny Austin, Alexander Payusov