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Live Updates: UConn Men’s Hockey at Sacred Heart

UConn looks to win their third straight this evening.

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

First Period:

0:00- And the game is on! Corey Ronan, Max Kalter and Brian Rigali up front, with Derek Pratt and Miles Gendron in front of Adam Huska.

11:05- On their second shot on goal, Sacred Heart takes the lead. Austin McIlmurray was in the slot. 1-0 Pioneers.

15:35- Ruslan Rakhmatov off for tripping. A lethal UConn power play heads to the ice.

17:52- Oh man. Matt Tugnutt went rushing up the right side and beat Huska. 2-0 Pioneers.

20:00- That was... not ideal. The Huskies really carried play during the first 20 minutes but when Sacred Heart got their chances, the puck got behind Adam Huska. Credit to Brett Magnus, who stopped all 14 UConn shots. Everything was going right for the Huskies, except putting the puck in the back of the net. The power play held possession the entire two minutes, they dominated five-on-five play for much of the period, but they couldn’t do anything with it. Mike Cavanaugh’s crew will have to do better in the final 40 minutes.

Second Period:

0:00- And the period is on! Really important for UConn to get something early here.

2:52- Jesse Schwartz gets the gate for slashing. Sacred Heart could go a long way toward putting this one away but UConn could go a long way toward making a comeback.

8:11- that was not ideal. Alex Bates beats Adam Huska through traffic from the high slot and it’s 3-0 Sacred Heart.

16:17- is this the start of a last night-esque comeback? Adam Karashik’s shot from the center point went in off of Maxim Letunov and the sophomore from Russia gets the goal. 3-1 Sacred Heart.

16:53- Liam Clare to the box for hooking. The Huskies (0-for-2) back to the power play.

20:00- The play was more balanced for much of the period, with UConn taking it over on the back of the goal, with credit changed to Adam Karashik for his first career goal, and the power play that came 36 seconds later. They almost scored on the man advantage, but almost is not good enough when down by two goals to Sacred Heart. The Huskies need some third period magic to force overtime, but they were able to do it last night, so let’s see what happens.

Third Period:

0:00- And the period is on! The Huskies have a mountain to climb, down 3-1.

7:37- Nothing so far and there is a media timeout. Huskies more than holding their own but they need goals.

14:29- Ruslan Rakhmatov off for interference as Cavanaugh takes his timeout. UConn is 0-for-3 on the power play this evening and this would be the time to break that streak, down 3-1.

16:24- Must have been a media timeout before. Liam Clare off for crosschecking and Cavanaugh now takes his timeout. Five-on-three for 1:05. This is their shot. Huska will also exit the net.

16:34- Johnny Austin called for holding.

20:00- The game goes final and the teams shake hands at center ice. UConn struggles against former Atlantic Hockey opponents and after finding a way to come back last night, they cannot get it done tonight. Forty five shots on goal should equal more goals than one, but it did not.