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Top 10 Wins From UConn Women Basketball’s 91-Game Win Streak

Taking a look at the best wins from UConn’s record winning streak.

Ian Bethune - The UConn Blog

UConn Women’s Basketball won its 91st consecutive game, breaking the record the Huskies set from 2008-2010.

Not every win has been a 50-point blowout. Some have come down to the final seconds and some have meant more than the others. Here are my Top 10 games during the streak.

Honorable Mention:

12/5/15 vs Notre Dame

2015 National Semifinal vs Maryland

2/8/16 at South Carolina

2016 Elite Eight vs Texas

12/1/16 vs DePaul

10. 11/24/14 vs Creighton

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What a better way to kick off this list than the game that started the winning streak? After a heartbreaking loss at Stanford, the Huskies returned to Gampel for their home opener and crushed Creighton like they were expected to. It may have seemed insignificant at the time but it was the first brick laid in a wall of wins.

9. 1/10/17 vs No. 20 USF

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This blowout victory tied the Huskies’ previous record. Before the game, there was little doubt about the result, but UConn delivered a surprising dismantling of a good USF team. They put up 65 points IN THE FIRST HALF. The Bulls looked like they never played basketball before. I’ve watched a lot of games during this streak and I haven’t seen them put a beatdown on a team quite like they did on that night.

8. 12/2/15, vs. No. 15 DePaul

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Geno Auriemma has said before that Doug Bruno, both a friend and fellow Team USA assistant, will do anything he can to win. On this day, DePaul subbed furiously all game long, which Geno compared to hockey.

The strategy worked for much of the game as the Blue Demons held close, but they fell behind in the second half after their shooting went cold. Breanna Stewart played all but the final seconds in this one, something she rarely needed to do in her career.

7. 12/28/15 vs #6 Maryland

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Maryland has been playing UConn tough as of late as they were the only team last season to really come that close to beating the unstoppable Huskies. The Terrapins still had a chance in the final seconds before Saniya Chong hit a dagger from three to put the game out of reach. There’s a little bit of streak history behind this game as well, as it marked UConn’s 47th-consecutive victory, tying the third-longest winning streak in program history.

6. 2/9/15 vs No. 1 South Carolina

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It’s hard to believe there was a time a Breanna Stewart-led team wasn’t ranked No. 1. However, that was the case when South Carolina came into Storrs as the top-ranked team in the nation. Breanna Stewart, Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis, Moriah Jefferson and Morgan Tuck combined for 78 of the Huskies’ 87 points as they cruised to a 25-point win. UConn took over the top ranking shortly thereafter and held it up until the first week of the 2016-2017 season.

5. 3/30/15 vs Dayton

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One of the truly amazing aspects of this winning streak is that the Huskies have won all but two games by double-digits.

While the final score of 91-70 may not suggest a close game, it had most of the country holding its breath. Dayton, despite being heavy underdogs as a 7-seed, kept pace with UConn for the first half and led by one at halftime. Even though the Huskies pulled away in the second half, it certainly gave them a scare and motivated them for the rest of the tournament.

4. 12/29/16 at No. 4 Maryland

Recap | Full Game

One of the Huskies’ single-digit wins during the streak, this was the only game I really felt like UConn was going to lose. The Huskies held a few big leads in this game, even going up by 19 points in the third quarter. But Maryland fought back and brought it within five.

There was a stretch where UConn couldn’t hit a shot to save their lives while Maryland was scoring at will in the paint. However, a sick Katie Lou Samuelson, who was throwing up during the game, hit clutch shot after clutch shot and the Huskies held on. It was UConn’s last real hurdle to reaching 90-straight, as they won by an average of 49.0 points over their next three games.

3. 11/14/16 at No. 12 Florida State

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Florida State was a missed three-pointer away from knocking off UConn and ending the win streak at 76 to open this season. Imani Wright had solid look with 1.8 seconds left that looked good as it left her hands, only to hit the front iron as the clock expired. They were that close.

If they lost this game, Geno never would have let them forget it. The Huskies were up four with 45 seconds left but couldn’t convert their foul shots and allowed Florida State to hang around. Somehow UConn pulled this one out and they really haven’t looked back since.

2. 2015 National Championship vs Notre Dame

Recap | Full Game

It’s easy to forget that Notre Dame was once the Huskies’ kryptonite. The Irish knocked UConn out of the Final Four in back-to-back years in 2011-2012, both in heartbreaking fashion. But coming into this game, UConn won the previous two tournament meetings, including the title game the year prior. It was the first of two national championships during the streak and gave Geno his 10th ring.

1. 2016 National Championship vs Syracuse

Recap | Full Game

There wasn’t much drama in this one. Even the biggest Syracuse fan knew that the Orange were going to get smashed. Hell, even their mascot Otto the Orange gave up at halftime.

UConn was an unstoppable juggernaut and Syracuse was just happy to be there. But this game stood for more than just a national championship. This was number 11 for Geno, tying him with John Wooden for the most ever in Division 1 basketball history. It was also the final game in the legendary careers of Breanna Stewart, Moriah Jefferson and Morgan Tuck, a perfect ending for a trio that won four national championships during their four years. Plus it’s always fun beating Syracuse.