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The UConn Pod: Breaking Down the Football Opener Against Maine

I’m joined by former Husky Dalton Gifford to discuss UConn’s performance in the season opener.

Photos-FB: Maine Black Bears vs UConn Huskies - 9/1/16 Ian Bethune

With the first UConn Football game of the season in the books I got together with former Husky offensive lineman Dalton Gifford to discuss our big takeaways from the game and also look ahead to Army.

Topics of discussion include:

  • How much of the close game can we attribute to early-game jitters and/or the conservative (even for UConn) playcalling?
  • What it’s like on the sidelines with UConn down in the 4th quarter.
  • What do we make of the performance from the offensive line?
  • What are the positive takeaways from the game?
  • Looking ahead to the next game at Navy.