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Navy Game Offers Unique Experience for UConn Football and Fans

The pomp and circumstance at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium offers a gameday experience like no other.

Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

The pregame festivities at the service academies are always something special. UConn head coach Bob Diaco has experienced his fair share of games against the service academies. UConn played Army in Yankee Stadium in Diaco’s first year as head coach, and even though it wasn’t at West Point, it was still a spectacle.

At Navy, the team marches around the stadium, through the fan-fest and through the main entrance a few hours before the game. As kickoff draws closer, all of the Mids come into the stadium during the March-On of the Brigade of Midshipmen.

The national anthem features a flyover that includes a pair of former Navy football players: Pilot Derrick Bruce and Naval Flight Officer Craig Almond. The two played together, graduating in the class of 2008.

After the flyover, everybody’s eyes will be skyward as a parachute jumper will be landing on the field at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium just before kickoff.

The UConn football team along with coach Diaco are looking forward to the pageantry and everything that goes with it. But make no mistake, once the opening whistle blows for the kickoff, the Huskies will have one focus.

Beat Navy!

The Huskies are about as prepared as a team can be for their opponents’ unique style, hopefully they can surprise people with a win. To catch up on all of our preview material, you can check out the depth chart here and our big preview here while listening to an in-depth matchup preview with Mike James, who covers Navy for Rivals.