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Rutgers Fails Online

Rutgers is as Rutgers does.

When your basketball team hasn't made the NCAA Tournament since 1991, you really shouldn't try to say anything boastful about your basketball program.

But if you really need to do some bragging, as a sound public relations strategy may require, you should definitely make sure you are stating facts instead of adding massive qualifiers to mislead people into thinking that you are something you're not.

Thankfully, we can always count on Rutgers to Rut. In this case, they tried to trick people into believing they were UConn.

Late Tuesday evening, someone in the Scarlet Knights athletic department decided it would be a good idea to try to pull a fast one on the general public, sending out this gem:

Yes these are mostly UConn players. Yes, they have nothing to do with Rutgers Basketball. Even East Carolina is embarrassed by how hard Rutgers is reaching. Given how aggressively they're trying to co-opt UConn's hardwood success, maybe they're considering dropping football and joining the Big East?

Instead of deleting the tweet, and maybe re-sending one with a more toned down version of the same message, the Rutgers Men's Basketball Twitter account, the one with a Twitter following just about 1600 north of this blog that nobody reads, decided to double down on the stupidity.

Thanks bruh, we can read just fine. You should know that hiring former UConn assistants doesn't mean you can take credit for the NBA earnings of players who they coached.

The Twittersphere, collectively the world's greatest media critic, unleashed hell.

There was obviously some Crying Jordan

Oh what a night it was.

Even UConn got in on the act.

What a wild, wonderful, and exciting time to be alive. Never stop being you, Rutgers. The world needs more laughs, and your athletic department has been so kind to fail so hard over and over again.