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VIDEO: Bob Diaco and Tyler Davis on Davis' switch to tight end

Recruited as a quarterback in the class of 2015, Davis is now playing tight end and could see decent playing time across the season.

Ian Bethune

During the 2015 season, head coach Bob Diaco used backup quarterback Garrett Anderson in a hybrid tight end position which he and the staff refer to as the F. With Tommy Myers injured, the team needed Anderson for some of the jobs which Myers had fulfilled in that role.

That was a temporary fix, as Anderson is now firmly seated as the primary backup behind starter Bryant Shirreffs.

This year, another quarterback, class of 2015 recruit Tyler Davis, has switched over to the F to help the cause. In a move which appears to be permanent, Davis has selflessly made the transition and appears to be doing quite well, listed as a backup tight end behind Myers on the depth chart going into the season opener against Maine.

"I saw it as an opportunity to help the team," Davis said. "We're a little short in this area, so any position that I can help the team out I was willing to do it."

The F seemed crowded before but presented an opportunity following the departures of Billy Williams and highly-touted incoming freshman Jay Rose. With his background as a quarterback, Davis already understands the importance of precise execution in the offense and, according to Diaco, is one of the best athletes on the team. He certainly displayed as much in his high school career, rushing for over 2600 yards and 43 touchdowns in his final two years at Mepham High in Long Island.

"[Davis] is one of the hardest workers on the team," Diaco said. "If you put together a size, speed, athleticism quotient, he'd be one of the highest have him watch the game is crazy."

Diaco also implied that Davis may have fallen down in the quarterback competition, perhaps behind even redshirt freshman Brandon Bisack or true freshman Donovan Williams.

"There's so many jobs he can do for the team more than just stand at the sideline and wait to go in at quarterback after two, or three, guys have a problem," he added.

With his production as a ballcarrier in high school combined with athleticism and experience managing the passing game, Davis has potential to be a solid contributor this year.

Video by Ian Bethune