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Open Thread: NCAA Tournament - Game One Against Georgia Tech

The UConn Huskies and the Georgia Yellow Jackets open the Gainesville Regional.

Photos: ECU Pirates vs UConn Huskies Baseball - 5/7/16 Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

The UConn Huskies are back. After a two year hiatus, UConn Baseball is in the NCAA Tournament. The Huskies will be meeting Georgia Tech in their first game in the Gainesville Regional.

It will be a test of how trends affect teams. One is trending up, while one hasn't been so lucky. UConn is 13-1 in its last 14 while Georgia Tech went winless in pool play in the ACC Tournament and is 1-5 in its last six games.

First pitch is at 1 p.m. The game will be televised on ESPN3, which can be found here. Those that cannot watch the game can follow @ShawnMMcGrath on Twitter for live updates.

Here is Jim Penders' line up against Georgia Tech:

1) Jack Sundberg (CF)

2) Willy Yahn (3B)

3) Bobby Melley (1B)

4) Joe DeRoche-Duffin (RF)

5) Bryan Daniello (SS)

6) John Toppa (LF)

7) Zac Susi (C)

8) Tyler Gnesda (DH)

9) Aaron Hill

SP) Tim Cate


Top 1: Sundberg is in the box and here we go!

Top 2: The Huskies load the bases and come away with three runs. DeRoche-Duffin singled, Toppa was hit by a pitch, Susi walked and then Gnesda brought two home on a single, followed by a Hill double to bring home another. 3-0 Huskies.

Top 2: Willy Yahn knocks out the Georgia Tech starter with a two-RBI single. It's 5-0 Huskies with two out in the top half of the second inning.

Top 2: Bobby Melley is the first batter to face the new pitcher and welcomes him with a double into the gap to bring Yahn home. 6-0.

Top 2: A DeRoche-Duffin double makes it 7-0. Huskies have four doubles in this inning alone.

End 3: Tim Cate has faced the minimum through three and UConn maintains a 7-0 lead.

Bottom 4: Cate allows his first baserunner to reach on a walk. 7-0 still.

Bottom 5: There goes the no-hitter. Georgia Tech has a runner on second with two outs after the double. 7-0 lead for UConn.

End 6: Georgia Tech gets on the board with a double from active hits leader Matt Gonzalez. Huskies 7, Georgia Tech 1.

Bottom 7: Georgia Tech has scored a run on a sacrifice fly and has runners on the corners with two outs. CJ Dandeneau is their third pitcher of the inning. UConn 7, Georgia Tech 2.

End 8: Dandenau gives up a two-run shot but Ruotolo is able to go 1-2-3. UConn 7, Georgia Tech 4.