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NCAA 2014-2015 APR Scores Released

The UConn Huskies' teams passed the APR requirements with flying colors.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA released APR scores for 2014-2015, with UConn's teams receiving high marks. Football had its highest single-year score ever, 990, with a multi-year score of 969. Men's Basketball's multi-year score came in at 978, just behind their female counterparts (983) and men's hockey (982).

The Men's and Women's Tennis, Golf and Field Hockey teams received perfect multi-year scores of 1000. Women's Soccer, Women's Hockey, Softball, and Women's Lacrosse all turned in excellent scores at 990 or above.

The mark needed to avoid penalty from the NCAA overlords recently went up from 900 to 930, so all of UConn teams are in great shape. Football's 969 was tied with Baseball for the lowest among Husky teams, but we know that is on the way up for football given how well Diaco's teams have been doing in this regard.

Around the American, some schools' major teams are teetering at the line. ECU (943), Tulsa, Houston (both 944), and SMU held the lowest scores in AAC Football. The same four schools had the lowest in Men's Basketball, with scores of 932, 941, 944, and 939, respectively.