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Watch the amazing buzzer-beater that may have saved UConn's season again and again


If it seemed like a full season's worth of high drama was crammed into one, massive, four-OT battle with Cincinnati to solidify UConn's NCAA standing, it's because it was. And nothing summed up the back-and-forth affair like Jalen Adams' bomb that launched UConn into another OT, and Adams into Huskie lore forever.

To set the scene, deep into the 3rd OT, Kevin Johnson of Cincinnati buries a three pointer with one second left to seemingly give the Bearcats the win. Except, well, that isn't what happened.

Adams came up huge all game for the Huskies, throwing in 22 points and eight boards. Daniel Hamilton added 32, 12 boards and eight assists, and six total UConn players hit double figures.

It was a tough game, but with the win, UConn advances to face Temple in The American semifinals, and should sit in a much better position come Selection Sunday.

If the conference tournaments have buzzer-beater moments like this, imagine what the actual NCAAs will be like.