The UConnBlog-cketology: Post-Thursday Championship Week Edition

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

UConn-Cincinnati is just two hours away. Here's where we stand:

  • Props to two teams that have really helped themselves this week, Providence and Oregon State. Both are now solidly inside the bubble.
  • Three teams who really hurt their seeding this week: Iowa, Texas Tech and Wisconsin. All three lost to double-digit seeds in conference tournaments. They're all still in the field, but could be in dark uniforms next week.
  • Entering the Cincinnati game, I have UConn on the 9 line because I believe in math. As I've said, if they lose I might drop them out due to peer pressure. But I won't think its correct. Nor will I have much sympathy for them, either.
  • With their collapse against Notre Dame, Duke dropped out of the protected seeds. This isn't the worst thing for Duke...the back of the protected seeds involves going to Denver or Spokane and this way Duke can feel all safe and comfy only having to travel halfway across the country. They can pretend its Raleigh.
  • Shook out the cobwebs in my mind and flipped Northern Iowa behind the first four, replaced by Gonzaga. That was just a brainfart.
  • Utah-Cal is going to be an awesome game tonight with potential ramifications on the protected-seed line.