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Final Score: UConn Football Flops at Boston College, 30-0

With a chance to pull some meaning from a season filled with negatives, the Huskies laid another egg.

Ian Bethune

Bowl contention was basically dead going into this game, but UConn Football still had a lot to play for Saturday afternoon.

Boston College is a regional rival, many players probably were recruited by BC, even if not offered, and a strong contingent of Husky faithful showed up to support this disastrous 3-7 team. Coming off a bye week, one would hope the Huskies had a little something left in the tank for a game which certainly has more meaning than an 11 a.m. kickoff against Marshall in Tampa, Florida the day after Christmas.

In spite of all that, Bob Diaco’s team delivered a wholly uninspired performance, mustering just 121 yards of offense—the lowest total in the program’s FBS history—in a 30-0 loss. It is the second straight shutout performance for the offense and the Huskies have been outscored 92-3 in the past three games.

UConn finished with -6 rushing yards, and true freshman quarterback Donovan Williams threw three interceptions in a game that was really never close. It started with some back and forth punting but eventually BC’s offense broke through and the flood gates opened. The Husky defense played with some fire and made plays here and there, but was on the field for 71 plays while resting on the sidelines for just 41 plays by its offense.

For all the negativity surrounding what has been a truly disappointing season, Diaco still could have salvaged some goodwill but this result eliminates any hope of that. No matter what happens against Tulane next week, there are some very serious doubts about Diaco’s leadership at the helm of the program.

Bob will have the 2017 season to right the ship, I believe, and should consider himself very lucky that a new athletic director favored continuity and gave him a rather generous contract extension this past offseason. Under the unfortunate circumstances surrounding conference affiliation and revenue, scrapping everything and starting over again just doesn’t make sense.

These are dark days, indeed.