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UConn Football Opponent Q&A: Boston College

We spoke with our friends at BC Interruption to learn a bit more about UConn’s upcoming opponent.

NCAA Football: Boston College at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

We get it, the idea of UConn and Boston College playing football probably is the polar opposite of how any football fan, or fan of either school, would want to spend a Saturday afternoon. Two teams with some hatred from both fanbases were expected to be at least decent in this one but neither has been able to meet those modest expectations.

But the show must go on, so here is our Q&A on BC Football with AJ of BC Interruption. You can check out our responses to his questions here.

1) I think I read somewhere that Addazio is going to be getting another year after this one despite posting another disappointing season. Is that still the case and do you think there is still hope for the Addazio era?

I don't know what Addazio's future holds. The rumors floating around vary so much that it's hard to pin down what is the truth. What I do believe though is that if he finishes 6-6 he'll be back for another year at Boston College. I have no hope for the Addazio era anymore. After the initial burst of enthusiasm the first two years, I've come to realize that he got really lucky with Andre Williams and a senior OL falling in his lap in 2013, and other worldly QB Tyler Murphy transferring in in 2014. The last two years, when it has been more of what he wants, he has struggled mightily with game management, player development and all other facets of coaching. Honestly, for the sake of the program I don't want to see him here another year.

2) What are the main reasons the BC offense has struggled and what is the scouting report on QB Patrick Towles?

There are multiple reasons why the BC offense is struggled but I'll try to be succinct here. One, the coaching. Poor, bland play calling that is just slow methodical and predictable. We have a saying at BCI, #RRPP (run, run, pass, punt). Secondly the offense, which is allegedly Addazio's bread and butter, is a mess. He brought in a graduate transfer to fill in, Jimmy Lowery who has been a major disappointment, Aaron Monteiro a sophomore is mistake prone. Finally, Patrick Towles is not an ACC caliber quarterback, yet Addazio insists on throwing him out there. He's indecisive, slow, and gets rattled very quickly.

3) Are there any playmakers on offense to keep an eye on?

I guess? Jeff Smith, who transitioned from QB last year, is very quick, but Addazio's offense is struggling to find ways to get him the ball other than the end around (which he insists on running, and which defenses are waiting on EVERY TIME). Michael Walker isn't bad, but like Smith he suffers from the drops. Finally Davon Jones, running back, can be bruising and move the sticks.

4) The BC defense is doing fairly well, but what are its strengths and weaknesses?

The defense isn't really doing well. Just break down the stats. Three games against UMass, Buffalo and Wagner completely warp the statistics to make them look dominant. When they played against Syracuse, VT, Louisville and Florida State they were a mess. Missed coverages, bad form in the secondary, the front seven really not making plays. Now that being said, I don't think UConn, given their offensive woes that mirror ours will be moving the ball a lot. Harold Landry our defensive end is a nightmare to guard, and we have some pretty quick linebackers like Connor Strachan and Matt Milano who can make plays as well.

5) Can you just admit that you hate us in a useful, fun way that embodies so much of what makes college sports entertaining and that its good that we're playing?

Sure I can admit that. However, I am so full of self loathing for current state of this program right now that I'm having a real hard time getting excited about facing off against UConn.


See, we’ve got more in common than you think! The Huskies and Eagles will kick off at 1 p.m. at Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill, Mass.