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The American Rising Podcast

We got together with guys who cover Tulane, USF, and Cincinnati on the internet to discuss the latest goings in the American Athletic Conference.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

I had the pleasure of having a conversation with three other guys who do an excellent job covering a few other notable schools in the American Athletic Conference. In case you missed us live on YouTube last night, you can catch the audio of our conversation here.

We get started right in the middle of things with a conversation about top eating destinations in the conference. Then we dive into things with a discussion about how the conference power structure is shaping up followed by some light expansion banter before finishing up with some pre-season hoops conversation.

Please excuse the rambling and various tangents in the conversation.

In case you're interested, we've shared the link to the "uncut" version with video on our social media in case you want to see our lovely faces. We're on Twitter and Facebook so definitely check us out there, too.

We hope to be doing this slightly more regularly, with the next one coming in about a month. Stay tuned!