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Open Thread: UConn Football at South Florida | TV: 7 p.m., CBS Sports Network

Could this be the big, unexpected upset Diaco and the Huskies pull off this season?

Photos-FB: Cincinnati Bearcats vs UConn Huskies - 10/8/16 Ian Bethune

Tonight’s game against South Florida, currently lurking slightly outside of the Top 25 in the AP and Coaches’ Polls and ranked 28th in the S&P+ efficiency rankings, will be a tough one for UConn tonight.

The Bulls have scored 35 or more points in 10 straight games and appear poised to rip through the AAC schedule and claim the East Division crown. Take solace, Husky fans, though because UConn should have a chance to win every remaining game after tonight.

But why not go ahead and win this one, too?

The odds are overwhelmingly against it happening, but there is a non-zero chance UConn wins this game. In many ways, Bob Diaco’s overall team strategy, the one that has many fans pulling their hair out, especially early in games, despite a 3-3 start, is specifically designed to beat an offensively-oriented team like USF.

Crazier things have happened in the glorious entertainment enterprise of college football, right?

Bob and staff love to run the ball, which should be the easy part against USF’s generous rush defense. If executed successfully, a solid ground attack will burn clock, keep possessions down, and let UConn at least keep it close.

Defensively, UConn’s front seven, which has been very solid all year, will go strength on strength against a USF rushing attack which is among the best in the country. Even if the Bulls move the ball, the Huskies’ strong red zone defense could help keep points to a minimum.

Throw in a little dumb luck, perhaps a defensive score, and some special teams chicanery and you have not only a summary of most UConn-USF Football games in the illustrious history of this series, but the blueprint for an upset tonight.

Diaco and the Huskies pulled it off against Houston last season. This will be the only chance this year to pull a magical win out of the hat. Anything is possible.

This is the Open Thread. Feel free to share your pregame thoughts and predictions and stick around for the conversation during the game!