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The UConn Pod: Men's Basketball August Look-In

Is Daniel Hamilton really the only good player in the American? What How far can UConn go? Should the Huskies be trying to schedule harder? All this, and more, is discussed in our latest podcast.

USA Today's Jason McIntyre ranked Daniel Hamilton as the 26th-best player in the nation.
USA Today's Jason McIntyre ranked Daniel Hamilton as the 26th-best player in the nation.
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The UConn football season is right around the corner. Actually, it's here now the American Athletic Conference has had its season kickoff in Newport, Rhode Island.

But it is never too early to start talking UConn basketball.

First Night is about two months away, and the regular season another month beyond that. There is still plenty to talk about when it comes to the Huskies.

That means it is time for another men's basketball edition of The UConn Pod. Aman Kidwai, Tim Fontenault and Elan DeCarlo got together to discuss multiple men's basketball topics, including:

  • USA Today's Jason McIntyre calling Daniel Hamilton the 26th-best player in the country and the only top-50 player in the American.
  • Expectations for UConn's season. Remember, Tim predicated UConn will be the 2016 national champion.
  • With the new additions to the squad, who is likely to stand out, and how will the team play together?
  • A look at the recruiting landscape for the Huskies right now.
  • UConn's schedule, which features big non-conference opponents but some of the weakest of the weak, as well.

The latest edition of The UConn Pod is attached here. Stay tuned for another episode in the next couple days, as the team discusses the football team after American media day.

The UConn Pod, Men's Basketball Aug. 4, 2015