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AAC Preseason Poll: UConn Football picked to finish last

UConn finished with 42 points in the AAC Preseason Poll, good for last place in the East and 5 fewer points than last place in the West.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

We knew expectations were low, and on Wednesday morning the AAC Media confirmed a widely-held belief that UConn Football would occupy the basement of the American Athletic Conference- the same American Athletic Conference which many fans insist UConn is too good for.

Cincinnati is viewed as the favorite, holding 17 voting points over second-place Memphis for the conference championship. The Bearcats were chosen to win the East Division with 29 out of 30 first-place votes, with second-place UCF getting the remaining one. Memphis was picked to win the West in a close one over Houston and Navy.

Once actual football starts, preseason polls are about as valuable as the pixels they occupy on the world wide web. Finishing last in the polls is a reflection of last year's results and a good measuring point for UConn's perception, which is understandably low right now. The media expects UConn (42 points) to be joined at the bottom by USF (53 points) in the East Division and Tulsa (47 points) and SMU (59 points) in the West.

This result should be no surprise for a 2-win team that cemented a last-place finish in the final week of 2014 by blowing a 14-point lead to winless SMU. UConn played a lot of young guys last year who have matured and gained from the experience. Hopefully the Huskies can overachieve in a season where expectations are at their lowest ever since probably their first season in FBS play.