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Edge of Autonomy Podcast: Talkin' AAC Football

Because somebody's gotta do it.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After a successful "pilot season," the Edge of Autonomy podcast is back and better than ever. Ryan Smith, of USF site Voodoo Five, and I will be getting together every week to discuss life on the edge and the latest in conference re-alignment. Starting next week we'll be have visitors, but this week there was just too much we had to catch up on.

Topics include:

  • Why exactly Ryan, a senior at Emory from Philadelphia, is a fan of the USF Bulls.
  • Why Willie Taggert's days at USF are probably numbered.
  • What do UConn and USF fans have to look forward to in the 2015 football season?
  • Whether the Civil Conflict is unreasonably crazy or passably absurd.
  • CONFERENCE REALIGNMENT Y'ALL - Oklahoma's AD gave us probably the first relevant piece of re-alignment info, right?


We promise it'll be shorter next time. Better and funnier too.