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The Civil Conflict: Rivalry Trophy Now Exists for UConn, UCF Football Game

Bob Diaco was not joking. Bob Diaco was completely serious.

The rivalry has begun.
The rivalry has begun.
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The most incredible part of UConn's 37-29 win over UCF was not the win, nor was it Deshon Foxx's 68-yard scamper out of the wildcat.

It was Bob Diaco's insane comments about a rivalry trophy and calling the UConn-UCF annual showdown "the Civil Conflict."

Need a refresher? Here it is.

Crazy, right Dan Wolken?

As it turns out, Diaco was not joking.

There are 130 days to go until the big rematch between the Huskies and Knights down in Orlando Oct. 10. No need to count it out yourself. The UConn football team already did it for you.

After careful examination of the photograph included with UConn Football's tweet, there is no doubt the trophy is real.

The Civil Conflict is a go.

From now until the end of days, the UConn Huskies and Central Florida Knights will play their football games for both positioning in the American Athletic Conference East Division standings and the Civil Conflict trophy. What is unclear right now is whether the word "civil" is being used in the courteous manner or if we can expect an all-out, cage-match-style roshambo.

Whatever the case, the reviews of the Civil Conflict and its new trophy are rolling in fast and hot.

Is it time for UConn fans to start hating UCF by default?

UPDATE: UCF denies any connection to the trophy. Bob did this on his own.