20 Ways You Know You're a True UConn Husky


20 Ways, Here we Go!!!

1. You can name the current Athletic Director

The current Athletic Director of the Year belongs to the Huskies. Also, under this Athletic Director UConn has won 6 National Championships during his brief 3 year watch. This makes Warde Manuel a must know name for all Connecticut fans.


2. You reminisce about the Good Ole Day's

You now look at a UConn schedule and instantly gag as you see conference foes turn from Syracuse, Georgetown, and Pitt to Houston, Tulane, and East Carolina. You never forget about the old times though and usually find yourself in denial come conference discussion.


3. You often call Storrs, Connecticut the Basketball Capital of the World.

This needs no explaining, as we fans have witnessed 14 basketball National Championships come to Storrs since 1995. It has been the home of the only College Basketball program to see a Women's and Men's team win a title during the same season.


4. You have seen UConn play at Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden has been the venue of some special moments, and all true Husky fans have visited MSG one time or another for a Big East Tournament or even a NCAA Tournament game.


5. You have tried to perfect the step-back

A moment Connecticut fans will never forget, was when Kemba Walker destroyed Pitt's hearts by smashing their ankles. "Step-Back, Walker, Cardiac Kemba!!!" Every Husky fan has picked up a basketball and tried to recreate that magic.


6. You always scream HAMILTON!

Richard "Rip" Hamilton hit a dagger that will stick will UConn fans for a while, and only the best Husky fans know that Hamilton is always screamed.


7. You know the correct way to spell Geno

All true Connecticut fans know that you spell it Geno. Others outside of Connecticut usually spell it Gino, but you know that's wrong.


8. You Know where to buy your Ice Cream

The UConn Dairy Bar is by far your favorite ice cream joint, because you live in Connecticut, you love your Huskies, and the ice cream is something to salivate over.


9. You remember when The Rent used to Rock

The Rent was continually packed every Saturday. The Rent used to be the place to be and you remember those days when you went on Saturday afternoon's and watched big-time college football


10. You Have Trust Issues

All Huskies fans trust nobody, because if they did UConn would be in the ACC and Randy Edsall would still coach the football team.


11. You can name how many Basketball Titles the Men and Women have combined

Call yourself a UConn fan but if you didn't know that UConn Basketball has 14 Championships, you aren't a UConn fan.


12. You have argued to stop playing Basketball games in Hartford

Everyone has, be honest. If you are a true Husky fan you have had one or two times where you have pondered hard why they don't play them all in Gampel, ditch the XL!


13. You have wondered what it was like to be on the other side of one of Jim Calhoun's Rants.

Jim was not a very shy guy, as Husky fans know, and sometimes you ask yourself how it would feel to be on the other end of one of his rants.


14. You will never give a Dime Back

If you can recall Jim Calhoun losing it on a reporter and absolutely derailing him, then you truly Bleed Blue. "Not a Dime Back"


15. You understand the distaste for Boston College

All true Connecticut fans have despised Boston College fans and Boston College itself. Boston College bolted the Big East in 2005 and left UConn out of the ACC, in 2013 so they could become "New England's Team". Boston College will always be hated by Connecticut fans, at least the true ones.


16. You Know Who Big Red is

A staple at UConn basketball games for years, a true UConn Husky is Big Red. You are on the edge of your seat waiting, for your UConn to force the opposing team to call timeout. At this time you join in on Big Red's signature chant. U-C-O-N-N, UCONN, UCONN, UCONN!!


17. You Know the Fight Song

If you love the Huskies you love the fight song. This is the University anthem that all UConn fans know and maybe even the diehard fans can recite.


18. You have been to a Big East basketball game

The Big East is a tremendous basketball conference that had loads of success. Tons of that success is due to UConn's growth into a college basketball blueblood. Every true UConn fan once in their life has attended a Big East basketball game.


19. You Know what to do when you hear "UCONN"

The infamous UConn Husky chant is know by you and you have even participated in it numerous times. "UCONN, HUSKIES!"


20. You read The UCONN Blog.

The number one source of Connecticut Huskies news is right here on the blog, and since you are a true fan, you read their articles all the time.


If you have any suggestions about ideas left off this list, comment below!