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Familiar Faces in New Places

We have an exciting announcement regarding coverage of UConn athletics, and an enhancement to the team here at The UConn Blog.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

It is with great excitement that I share some new developments regarding the team behind The UConn Blog, and coverage of UConn sports in general.

I have teamed up with William Paxton and Tim Fontenault, together we will be running both The UConn Blog here on SB Nation and The UConn Report on This move allows us to enhance the depth and scope of coverage on this site, but also to dive further into recruiting and analysis for football and basketball to enrich our expertise in this arena.

William Paxton is a 20-year newspaper veteran who was most recently on the UConn Men's Basketball beat for the CT Post. He is a well-respected member of the journalism community who brings significant knowledge of the media industry to this team. He will act as an advisor to The UConn Blog and be the senior writer for the UConn Report, where he will cover Men's Basketball and recruiting.

Tim Fontenault is graduating from UConn this year after a distinguished career with The Daily Campus. You should already know him from the excellent coverage which he has provided for UConn Hockey on this site in addition to his exemplary work with the DC. He will be co-managing The UConn Blog with me, and will be responsible for football and recruiting on UConn Report.

I'm just a dude who loves UConn sports and the great state of Connecticut. I'll be working on a lot of different coverage for both sites, but also working on a few interesting side projects to help connect the UConn fan community.

We hope you will support this venture in any way that you can. We are going to be working on this project as close to full-time as possible. The goal of this union is to improve the consistency and quality of the coverage here, while also offering hardcore UConn fans a high-quality premium community to share and exchange ideas.