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UConn President Susan Herbst announces UConn boycott of 2015 Final Four

In response to proposed discriminatory legislation in Indiana, Susan Herbst has announced that the UConn Men's Basketball coaches will not be present for Final Four activities in Indianapolis this weekend.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

A press release issued by the University of Connecticut is stating that the Men's Basketball coaches and players will not be present for the Final Four festivities in Indianapolis. This decision comes on the heels of Governor Dan Malloy's announcement yesterday that the state will not sponsor any travel to Indiana in response to Indiana's proposed Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Even though UConn did not qualify for the NCAA Tournament this year, most coaches attend a convention during the Final Four and, as you can imagine, it is also a great opportunity for networking. It appears Kevin Ollie and members of the staff had plans to attend, but that will no longer be happening.

Elsewhere in the college sports community, USC Athletic Director Pat Haden announced he would not be attending a CFB selection committee meeting in Indianapolis as a result of Indiana's legislation. It will be interesting to see if any schools follow suit after the strong stance taken by the leadership at UConn and Southern Cal.