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Rakim Lubin to Transfer

The freshman forward is looking to leave UConn

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Storrs- Rumors were swirling following Kevin Ollie's postgame press conference after UConn's NIT loss to Arizona State. Ollie repeatedly mentioned the idea of a player transferring and was adamant that he wanted to coach the players that wanted to be at UConn.

Well, clearly he had an inkling that Rakim Lubin had an eye towards the backdoor. Today, Lubin's mother took to Twitter to announce that "Rock" has begun the process of transferring out of the University of Connecticut.

With Lubin, Ryan Boatright and Pat Lenehan leaving the program, Ollie finds himself with three scholarship slots to fill. The Huskies suddenly have a glaring lack of depth in the front court. It should be an interesting offseason.