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Jerome Dyson victimizes another foreign center for top play

These are the dangers of not reading the UConn Blog...

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

BREAKING: The United Nations is investigating an alleged air assault on Georgia after this video surfaced online. Clearly 7-foot-1 center Giorgi Shermadini doesn't read The UConn Blog.

A flashback to Dyson's January exchange with Italian center Tomas Ress:

Good thing Dyson can ball because foreign affairs is clearly not his forte...

Did some of the names on that countdown remind you of a few familiar faces? The Italian Serie A League has become a popular destination for members of the former Big East, with 14 players currently participating in Italy's top level of competition. A full list of players by school can be found below:

  • UConn: Jerome Dyson
  • Georgetown: Austin Freeman, Chris Wright
  • Louisville: Edgar Sosa, Samardo Samuels
  • Marquette: Darius Johnson-Odom
  • Pittsburgh: Gilbert Brown
  • Providence: MarShon Brooks
  • Seton Hall: Jeremy Hazell
  • Syracuse: Andy Rautins, Brandon Triche
  • Villanova: Allan Ray, Isaiah Armwood, James Bell