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WR Hergy Mayala wants to be best ever at UConn

Coming to us from Trinity-Pawling via Canada, Hergy Mayala officially signed his letter of intent to play at UConn.

Hergy Mayala is another good route runner in this class of wide receivers. He isn't super fast but he has enough speed to get past corners. He has really good ball-concentration and is really good at catching jump balls. I definitely see him making an impact in his freshman year. The only knock I would give him is that he can probably come off the line better against press coverage.

In my opinion, the current crop of receivers at UConn will definitely have to play well in the spring and summer to keep receivers Beals and Mayala from getting much playing time. Mayala is rated as a 3-star prospect by 247Sports and held offers from Buffalo and Rutgers before committing to UConn in October.

1.What position(s) did you play in high school and what are you planning on playing at UConn?

I played wide receiver, safety and cornerback in high school, but at UConn I'll be playing receiver.

2. What made you choose UConn over the other options you had?

Just the opportunity of being part of something great, the team is starting on new foundations, and I feel like I could help.

3. Favorite workout pump-up song right now?

I'll say between "Blessings" by Big Sean, Drake and Kanye or "Monster" by Meek Mill

4. What are your goals for yourself and the team during your time at UConn?

I want to leave as the best player that every played at UConn, break records, and as a team win and be bowl eligible every year.

5. What are you most excited for this coming fall?

I'm most excited about playing football and bonding with the team.

6. What do you want UConn fans to know about you?

I'm a quiet person on the field. I don't talk or anything and just like every other kid I love kicks. I want to personally thank everyone that believed in me, God for this chance, and the UConn football staff for having trust in me.