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New Jersey WR Tyraiq Beals sees multiple bowl games for UConn

The explosive receiver made his commitment to UConn official today.

Tyraiq Beals is an extremely exciting player to watch! I really can't wait to see him play at UConn. He's fast, can jump, and has really good ball-concentration skills. His route running is also superb, but he could get better at the small nuances of the position. Maybe he can add a wiggle move to his slant routes and put on some weigh, but that can be said about all players coming from high school to college. Other than that his route running is great and he runs after the catch really well.

Beals is a 3-star recruit according to Rivals, and had interest from Rutgers, Temple and UVA but no offers at the time of his verbal commitment.

Mark my words, Beals will get a lot of playing time his freshman year at UConn. Check out our Q&A with the man himself after watching his highlight reel!

1.What position(s) did you play in high school and what are you planning on playing at UConn?

I played wide receiver and cornerback in HS and I'm planning on playing WR at UConn.

2. What made you choose UConn over the other options you had?

I chose UConn because I never meet a coaching staff as great as theirs.

3. Favorite workout pump-up song right now?

I don't have a certain favorite workout pump up song. I'll listen to anything that sounds good while I'm working out.

4. What are your goals for yourself and the team during your time at UConn?

My goals are to become a big part of this team for my teammates, coaches, and the fans of UConn football. As a team, I plan for us to play in multiple bowl games because of how focused we are.

5. Who do you model your game after? Did you play any other sports in high school?

I'm a Cowboys fan and I model myself after multiple receivers. Mostly ones who have great route running skills, and outside of football I run track.

So I'm active all seasons and I take competition very seriously. I'd also like to thank the UConn coaches for seeing my potential.