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Pennsylvania DT Kevin Murphy is officially a UConn Husky!

He was the first to verbally commit to UConn, along with QB Tyler Davis. Both have established themselves as leaders within the recruiting class.

Kevin Murphy is one of the leaders of UConn's incoming recruiting class. Along with QB Tyler Davis, who enrolled early, both have been actively recruiting, and helping the class build a bond before they even stepped onto campus.

Murphy is also a really, really good football player. In addition to UConn, he held offers from Cincinnati, Army and Western Mighigan while a bunch of others were interested. Remember- Murphy verbally committed over the summer, and remained steadfast with his commitment. He probably would have had other offers after his tremendous senior season if that was not the case.

The 6-foot-2, 270lb. tackle is an ideal fit at the nose guard position in Bob Diaco's scheme. He won the PA Preps Senior Defensive MVP Award for the state of Pennsylvania and is rated a 3-star prospect on every recruiting site.

I was able to get in touch with Murphy for a brief interview, here's what he had to say:

1. What position(s) did you play in high school and what are you planning on playing at UConn?

In high school, I played multiple positions. Freshman year I started at MLB and played TE as well. That next season I moved to OT and DE. I played OT and DE junior year as well as DT. Senior year I started out at OT and DT but due to an ACL injury to our starting center I moved there. I also played guard this season as well.

On Defense, I played every position on the DL ( DE, DT, NT) . I was also a 4 year long snapper. For UConn , I am being recruited as a nose guard but hope to gain coach's trust to move around a little bit more.

2. What made you choose UConn over the other options you had?

So many reason. If I told you them all readers would be reading all day! But to some it up, I believe in this team and it's coaches and that we have something special here. The academics at UConn are second to none. Also, I believe in the fans and that they will come out and support us because they will realize how important they are to us being successful. Because behind every great football team are even better fans. For those simple reasons choosing UConn was easy for me. Just believe.

3. Favorite workout pump-up song right now?

Favorite pump up song has to be "Hells Bells". Any AC/DC gets me jacked up.

4. What are your goals for yourself and the team during your time at UConn?

First and foremost, to win football games. Second of all, to benefit from the great education I will receive and graduate with a diploma. The third thing is I want to grow into a mature young man and aspire to make a difference in the world around around me.

5. What are you most excited for this coming fall?

This fall, I couldn't be more excited about putting on a UConn uniform and understanding the privilege and responsibility that comes along with representing such a great university.

6. Anything else you'd like to share?

My family has a strong athletic background. My grandfather was a standout quarterback who had his jersey retired. My brother followed in the foot steps of my dad as a collegiate baseball player. My dad went on to play professionally with the Astros and Angels.

The tradition of sports in my family is evident, however the values taken away from these are what really matters. Two of my most noticeable characteristics learned from being so involved ins sports are loyalty and responsibility. My dad has never missed a game for my brother nor myself. In addition to my Dad's complete support I have had countless others who have helped me along this journey. Every time I strap up my helmet, I know I am not the only one out there. I embrace the responsibility and loyalty to be aware that I am playing for all of my family, friends, and supporters who want to see me succeed. This realization is what empowers me to do that extra rep in the weight room, run that extra set of sprints after practice, and give myself up to the greater goals of the team. I have a duty to those who have helped me get to where I am. I intend to uphold it.