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UConn Football National Signing Day 2015: Time to #ChangetheBrand

Bob Diaco's first full recruiting class will be announced today. Stick with us for updates, profiles and more!

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Today is college football's National Signing Day. It is the day where prospective student athletes send in their letters of intent and schools can officially announce the incoming recruits from the high school class of 2015. UConn is expected to begin making announcements around 7am, and Bob Diaco will address the public at 4pm.

We should have a good sense of what to expect going into today because verbal commitments have been coming in since June, when four recruits (three, 3-stars) accepted UConn offers in five days. Across our coverage of the recruiting process, we have already profiled all or most of the names you will hear today.

Hopefully we've only profiled most of them, because that would mean a surprise commitment or two chose or flipped to UConn unexpectedly. Bob Diaco was known for some recruiting heroics at Notre Dame so it isn't out of the question. There are verbal commitments of major programs who are finding out at the eleventh hour that there is no scholarship available for them; sometimes there are quality players who become available on short notice.

This will be Bob Diaco's first full recruiting class, and the plan is for these guys to be the leaders who help UConn pull itself out of (let's be very honest with ourselves here) the bottom of the FBS barrel. I had a chance to speak with a good chunk of the incoming recruits and can at least confirm that everyone I spoke with was respectful, thoughtful, and very excited to be a UConn Husky.

These kids are all excited by the opportunity to, in their words, #ChangetheBrand. We owe it to them as fans to reciprocate their enthusiasm.

The announcements will begin trickling in soon. Be sure to follow along!