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End of 3rd Period – FINAL. UConn 4, UMass 0

In their final home game, the UConn Men's Hockey team defeat the UMass Minutemen in a strong performance.

Period Recap

Despite starting the period off with a too-many-men penalty, the Huskies started their, likely, final period on XL Center ice strong, with a strong penalty kill that saw Nichols stop three powerful shots in a row.  The penalty kill was extremely effective for the Huskies, thanks in part to Poe willing to clog up shooting lanes and take pucks for his team.

UConn cycled the puck for a good chunk of the third, holding in the neutral zone when appropriate and dumping it forward to prevent any sort of breakaways for the Minutemen.  UMass did not give up fighting in the slightest, regardless of deficit. If it wasn't for Rob Nichols' reflexes, UConn could have easily surrendered two goals.

Halfway through the period, Cody Sharib got a great feed from Ferriss and David Drake to go five-hole on Henry Dill for the fourth goal of the game for the Huskies.  This was Sharib's seventh of the season and a great way to send off the Senior from Needham, MA.

UMass players got noticeably more physical after the fourth goal, and goaded Kirtland into an Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty at 11:32.  Thankfully, he has Rob Nichols on his side, who again made three fantastic saves on the PK to maintain the shutout.  Soon after the penalty, after Kirtland poked the puck away from a Minuteman on the point for a 1-on-1 that was thwarted, but resulted in an interference penalty against UMass.  Before the Huskies could do any more damage, Sharib was called for the same and brought the teams to a 4-on-4, with about 35 seconds of change afforded to UMass for a power play.  Seemingly as he got out of the box, Sharib was hit with the puck on a clearance and was tossed right back in for another two minute interference with 3:30 left on the clock.  To be frank, it was a sequence that was both hard to describe and believe, but it didn't prove to be of much consequence.

With .5 seconds left in the game, the Minutemen lost their cool and started an all out brawl in the UConn zone.  Multiple Minutemen ganged up on Kirtland and threw visible punches.  One Minuteman was sent to the showers, but with .5 seconds it was an essentially pointless exercise. The officials discussed what to do for close to five minutes, sorting out suspensions.  This caused most of the fans to leave instead of giving the seniors the send off they deserved.

The crowd tonight of 6,298 was strong throughout the game, giving the seniors the respect they deserved while still keeping relatively rowdy.  Surprisingly, the crowd remained until the very last half-of-a-second, even though the score and the result were never in doubt.  Overall a great performance by the Huskies and a great sign of things to come.  The playoffs await with either a No. 9 or a No. 10 seed in the balance.








0:42 – Joey Ferris, 2min Too Many Men

14:31 – Cody Sharib, 2min Interference

16:34 – Cody Sharib, 2min Interference (?)

19:59.5 –  Multiple


13:53 – Jake Horton, 2min

19:59.5 –  Multiple