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The year that was for Jonathan XIV: a retrospective

A year of UConn's favorite pup in all his adorable, derpy, fluffy glory.

Jonathan XIII retired as the official mascot because of his advancing age and increasing skittishness around crowds, which was the smart gesture by the university. That didn't stop some fans from being upset at the transition to a new mascot that closely resembled the new Husky logo, under intense debate at the time. Was this a ploy by Nike and UConn to achieve universal cohesiveness with the #brand? Or just a coincidence on the breeder's behalf as UConn claimed? Whatever the case, the best way for new Jonathan to win the hearts of fans was this debut photo. It brings both cuteness and humor as Jonathan XIV is super adorable but Jonathan XIII is general giving the face of someone thinking "who are you and why are you near me. Step back, please."

This was the beginning of so many awkward faces and photos from Jonathan XIV, which has now become the overarching theme of his time as the official mascot.

I can only assume this was taken during Jonathan learning how to do the UCONN! - HUSKIES! chant. If all students have to learn it awkwardly at orientation before starting school then so should he.

"GUYS LOOK. GUYS GUYS LOOK I CAN TOUCH MY NOSE WITH MY TONGUE THIS IS SO COOL…oh what? I’m supposed to be in a class right now?"

That feeling when people think UConn is and underdog against Villanova, Iowa State, Michigan State, Florida, and Kentucky in consecutive games.

I can only assume this is him thinking "Look, this is me liking UConn football. Don’t I look so happy? You wanted a promo shot of me with a football and here it is. You didn't say a smile had to be a part of it. When does basketball start?"

There is no real joke to make here, but this picture needs to be included simply because of how derpy he looks. Very close to peak derp.

Nowww we've reached peak derp.

Jonathan XIV doing a great impression of the women's basketball team sizing up their next victim.

"I ate too many Wings Over and now i can't mooooove!!!"

"Pssst. psssst!!!! UConn won three championships last year. Did you know that? I've been telling everybody but maybe this neighborhood doesn't know? Oh, why yes, this is a very nice area of Northern NJ. I've never been here before. Is there another university around here that has potential to win championships? There is? How come they've never won one? Or two in a year? Or three in a year?"

Jonathan is the fourth prettiest thing in this picture.

"He looks like me...but a version of me that is a devil come to eat all of our souls. How weird. Gotta keep my eye on this one."

"Kid, listen to me. This is very important. Run now. Run away before it's too late. Fall in love with our hockey team, or our basketball team. Or our club lacrosse team. Just run away from Rentschler right now no matter what your parents tell you.

"Think about it Diaco. You and me, riding into the sunset together like a couple of champs. You, in a sharp three piece suit. Me, freshly groomed and gorgeous. What a team we could be! I'll pack your hair gel for you. You make sure to bring my good collar. Let's just get away from this godforsaken field."

"Oh, am I blocking your shot? I am? Well that's just too bad, network that single handedly ruined our chances of ever being in a powerhouse conference ever again. That's. Too. Damn. Bad."

"What do you mean basketball players 'graduate' and 'leave' and 'play other places'? What do you mean we don't have Shabazz this year?!"

"Wha-? I'm up i'm up! I wasn't sleeping through the fourth quarter I swear guys. Just resting my eyes and hoping to drift into the dream of a skilled offensive line..."

A dog in a hockey jersey is one thing. But this dog in this hockey jersey is so far above standard. I'm still not over how amazing every part of this picture is. It's my new desktop background. Ice Bus! Ice Bus! 

"Pssst...when do we get good? They keep telling me soon but I know you won't lie to me, other Jonathan"

Which of his handlers is allowing the mascot to watch football that is better than UConn's?

"I wish Shabazz was back on the team. I wish Shabazz was back on the team. I wish Shabazz was back on the team."

To close things out, the perfect summation of Jonathan's first year. Half adorable, half derpy, all ours. You're the best, Jonathan XIV.