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UConn Women's Basketball: Campus Insiders interview with Geno Auriemma

Auriemma sits down with Campus Insiders' Seth Davis to discuss his current approach to coaching and how he stays motivated after years of sustained success.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

As pleasant as the success of the UConn Women's Basketball team has been, it has also been very entertaining to have a man like Geno Auriemma at its helm. His confidence and honesty, shaped by an upbringing in Philadelphia as a young Italian immigrant in a blue-collar family, mean it's always fun to hear him speak.

In 40 minutes with Seth Davis, Auriemma talked about how he stays motivated through all the winning, his personal relationship with Jim Calhoun, opportunities to move to the men's game, and more. Throughout his career, Auriemma has faced doubters, haters, and forks in the road but he still carries himself with the same swagger and aplomb which he brought with him to Storrs in 1985.

With ten nine NCAA championships and the NCAA Division I consecutive win record, UConn's women's basketball program is often compared to the UCLA men's teams of the '60s and '70s. Seth Davis, who wrote a book on John Wooden, felt that comparisons to the NCAA legend are warranted. There are a lot of idiots out there who are quick to dismiss UConn's success because it occurred in the women's game. Hearing a man from a national outlet who studied Wooden and is primarily an analyst of the men's game suggesting otherwise is a welcome development.

The interview is long, but definitely informative and very entertaining. Enjoy!


"Geno's natural walk is a strut"

-Rebecca Lobo