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4 Takeaways from the UConn Huskies win over Tulane

With UConn Football heading into its bye week, what did we learn after its 10th game?

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
1. This season has either met or exceeded all reasonable expectations

Given the situation Bob Diaco inherited, the insertion of a new starting quarterback, starting center Ryan Crozier going down for the season before it started, and a very challenging schedule, anyone looking for UConn to win more than five games would have been asking a lot. Reaching this total confirms marked progress for a team that won two games last year, and means we should feel pretty good about 2016.

UConn isn't trying to make the CFB Playoff this year- we don't need style points. All that matters is that the Huskies will end the season with meaningful games as they fight to earn the opportunity to compete in a bowl game.

2. The defense is good enough to steal a game. Hopefully, it can do it again.

UConn's defense not only held Tulane to 140 yards of offense and three points in the entire game, it also notched the only UConn points thanks to Jamar Summers' pick-six. After being undressed by Cincinnati on the road, UConn's defense has buttoned itself up, holding opposing offenses to nine total points these past two games.

This bodes well for the Huskies with its two remaining games. For as poorly as Tulane played, the Green Wave still had multiple chances to take the lead and even win the game in the fourth quarter because it was such a defensive battle. If the Huskies can get into a similarly ugly dogfight with Houston or Temple maybe they can come out of it with a win.

3. The offense is a liability.

While UConn's defense has keyed two consecutive victories with extraordinary performances, the offense continues to leave much to be desired. Part of that could have been the heavy rain, but the same penalties and lack of offensive creativity reared their ugly heads while a few untimely dropped passes also hurt the Huskies. No matter what, scoring ZERO offensive points is never something you want to see, even if UConn found a way to win.

Hopefully, the offense has something tucked up its sleeve beyond swing, screen and quick passes to keep defenses off-balance, because both Houston and Temple are very strong defensively.

4. #FillTheRent!

November 21st, Pratt & Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field, time to be determined. Be there.

It's Senior Night. The visiting Houston Cougars are currently ranked No. 16 in the country. UConn has two chances to qualify for a bowl game and this--the only one at home--might be its best opportunity to do so.

Bob Diaco has taken this program out of the depths. That much we know. There is no better way to show support for the growth and advancement of UConn Football than showing up to cheer on the team and reward a season which has filled us with hope for the next. This year's seniors, after all they have been through, deserve to play their final home game in front of a raucous crowd.

Although any prediction, whether by an expert or predictive formula, may not see the Huskies' chances as very high to win either of its last two games, this UConn team has shown a propensity for competing against the better teams on its schedule and came tantalizingly close to a big upset earlier in the season. Anything is possible. Fill the Rent!