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Gameday Discussion Thread: UConn Huskies at Tulane, 4pm, ESPNews

Get ready to watch UConn ruin Tulane's homecoming and discuss it with your fellow fan!

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First Half Recap: UConn lead 7-3

Despite a modest offensive performance by the Huskies in the first half, UConn is in the lead 7-3 after 30 minutes in New Orleans- where it is pouring as the poor Tulane students and alumni are attempting to celebrate Homecoming.

The only Husky points have come from a Jamar Summers interception returned for a touchdown. The whole time you were praying for him to get into the end zone because the offense would probably get between 0 and 3 points out of it if not- it's just that kind of day. The weather doesn't help, but Tulane's defensive line has been making problems for UConn.

Luckily, Tulane's offensive production has not been much better. The Green Wave have managed just 99 yards, just nine more than UConn.

Bryant Shirreffs is UConn's leading rusher, with his 33 rushing yards surpassing his passing total for the day so far. He threw an interception at the end of the half attempting to get the ball into the end zone. Arkeel Newsome has 15 yards on 9 carries so far.

This has all the makings of the defensive battle many expected going into the day. In order to hold on and win I think UConn will need slightly more than 7 points. The offense needs to find a way to do better. Drops, penalties, missed blocking assignments and uninspired play calling have been the culprits so far. If not, maybe the defense can add another touchdown to put the game away.


There will be a lot on the line when Bob Diaco and the UConn Huskies take the field today at Yulman Stadium.

The Huskies need to prove they can win when they are supposed to, and that last Friday's blowout victory wasn't a fluke. They need to grab a fifth win so that a bowl game becomes a possibility and the team has something substantial to play for in its remaining two games. A win would give UConn a lively home crowd at the Rent in November for the first time in years.

All that stands in front of them is a 2-6 Tulane team. Easy, right?

Not so fast. Tulane is a better team than its record--the byproduct of a ridiculously hard schedule--may indicate. Starting quarterback Tanner Lee will be back in action after missing a few games, which will provide a boost and, presumably, Tulane will be playing with the support of its largest crowd of the season as this is the Homecoming game.

The Green Wave defense will be tough to score on. They are especially strong at the defensive line, and must be thinking they'll have a good chance to penetrate and cause destruction in the UConn backfield. Especially on the road, UConn will want to set the tone early. If the offense gets off to a slow start again, it could spell trouble, or have the Huskies looking to their defense to make the difference.

This is the open thread. Follow along and enjoy this safe place to discuss the game with other Husky fans.