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The UConn Pod: Should Fans Stick Around When Their Team is Winning?

Your weekly update on all things UConn sports!!!

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This week on The UConn Pod, Tim, Brenner and myself got together and discussed:

  • The good, the bad, and the ugly from the East Carolina game.
  • Fans leaving the ECU game early, should we be disappointed in them? (We disagreed! It was fun!)
  • Men's Hockey swept in two-game series with Notre Dame, cause for concern?
  • Men's Basketball season getting started, takeaways from exhibition opener.
  • What does UConn need from Amida Brimah this year?
  • Looking ahead to Tulane.

The UConn Pod: Our First Fight

Edited by Brenner Pieszak

BONUS: I also had the chance to speak with Robert Wheel, known on Twitter as @BobbyBigWheel, who has previously written for SB Nation, Deadspin, GQ and Vice, among others. Wheel grew up in Connecticut following the Huskies and, as a prominent member of the Sports Twitterati, is an amazing guest for us to have on the show. One of my favorite articles of his was about how sportswriters do not need to "stick to sports," as they are so often told to do. Here are a few others:


SB Nation

We had a great conversation which touched on a number of college sports topics, such as the Louisville scandal, Ohio State's JT Barrett losing his scholarship, and, of course, conference realignment. For today, we just extracted the UConn parts to post here. The full interview will go out tomorrow.

Aman and Bobby Big Wheel on UConn Sports

Pasqualoni, Diaco, the Whalers and more!