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The UConn Pod: Thanksgiving Edition

Where we give thanks for an extended football season and the growing pains of a hockey team which will be much better in the future.

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This week on The UConn Pod:

  • Amazing win for UConn Football, how did we get here?
  • A few fall teams finished their seasons.
  • Icebus skidding - is there an end in sight?
  • Men's Hoops through three/four games.
  • Looking ahead to the football game at Temple Saturday.

The UConn Pod: Thanksgiving Edition

Edited by Brenner Pieszak

Note: This was recorded before the Michigan game, but we recorded a short bit on it late last night! #BEATCUSE

Post-Michigan Mini-Pod: Bring on the Orange!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The UConn Blog!