Report: Former UConn Football head coach Randy Edsall to be fired by Maryland


"With the team off to a miserable start, fans revolting and boosters withholding donations, Maryland athletics officials are expected to move forward with their plan to fire Edsall"

Given everything he has done for UConn Football, most notably shepherding the program from 1-AA to 1-A, there is no need to take too much pleasure in this news just because of the way Edsall left UConn. He has since donated the money to make the Jasper Howard memorial statue possible.

Maryland turned out to be a much better opportunity than we could have imagined back in 2011, with conference re-alignment playing out the way it did and Maryland's relationship with Under Armour to go along with the astronomically better local talent situation. Also, UConn beat him once in Maryland, so that felt pretty good.