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The UConn Pod: Mac-and-Cheese Madness Kicks Off ConFLiCT Week

We talked about a lot more, but obviously we had to lead off this week's UConn Pod with Sunday's incident at the Student Union.

Dale was at the BYU game!
Dale was at the BYU game!
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The UConn Pod crew made their way to WHUS studios after Bob Diaco's weekly press conference Tuesday. This week, Tim, Brenner and myself ruminated over:

  • The complete and utter dominance of UConn Field Hockey, which has won its past three games 38-0.
  • Breakdown of the BYU game
  • UConn Men's Hockey exhibition opener
  • Looking ahead to "The ConFLiCT"
We'll be back next week. Feel free to share thoughts and suggestions in the comments!

The UConn Pod: October 7 - Mac-and-Cheese Madness sweeps UConn in ConFLiCT Week