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Halftime Update: Cincy 30 UConn 22

Avert your eyes. Or open wider if you love defense and gross basketball

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

If you enjoyed this first half of basketball, you my friend are a masochist.

The fact that UConn only trails by 8 is either a miracle or a glaring indictment of the averageness of the Cincinnati Bearcats. The Huskies committed 13 turnovers in the opening 20 minutes and shot just 8-25 from the field. Cincy has really been swarming all night, not allowing any penetration from UConn guards. Ryan Boatright was completely invisible, scoring just 2 points and going 0-5 from the field and he committed 3 turnovers.

No UConn player made more than two field goals. This was a display of offensive futility the likes of which the Huskies have not experienced in quite some time.

Here's hoping the second half improves. It certainly cannot get worse.