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First Half Recap: UConn losing to Temple, 7-3

Temple has zero offensive points, but the Huskies still trail at the half.

Max DeLorenzo has had a solid first half
Max DeLorenzo has had a solid first half
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

That was ugly.

The first half of this barnburner totaled only 165 yards of combined offense by UConn and Temple. Believe it or not, UConn's offensive performance was vastly superior, as all but 31 of those yards were accumulated by the Huskies.

Yes, Temple managed to move the ball from scrimmage a whopping 31 yards. But thanks to an interception returned for a touchdown on a HORRIBLE throw by Chandler Whitmer, they find themselves winning at the half.

Penalties and mistakes kept UConn from scoring as many points as they should have. For example, after a Temple muffed punt, UConn moved backwards because of penalties and then Bobby Puyol missed his first field goal attempt of the season from 45 yards out.

Max DeLorenzo looked solid running the ball, and at times the offense looked somewhat competent. Unfortunately, the potential for any sustained success is limited because of the offensive line. Whitmer was running for his life almost every time he dropped back to pass but was able to find Geremy Davis a few times. Davis has seven receptions for 69 yards at the half, and drew a pass interference penalty late in the second quarter which would help set up UConn's field goal drive at the end of the half.

The defense has been spectacular, forcing multiple three-and-outs. Now if we can just get the return game going...

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