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The UConn Pod: Episode 2 - Previewing South Florida

Voodoo Five's Ryan Smith joins us to talk about UConn's match-up with USF tonight.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully you guys enjoyed our first podcast last week. We're thrilled that we had enough follow through to produce a second one. Here are the participants for Episode 2 of The UConn Pod:

  • Brenner Pieszak- Your podcast host, Brenner played point on this one given his background in broadcasting and radio.
  • Aman Kidwai- Still can't stop stuttering, I promise I'm not terrified of microphones
  • Rondale Williams- former college football player, UConn Blog football/recruiting contributor
  • Ryan Smith- Contributor on SB Nation's USF site, Voodoo Five

The UConn Pod: Episode 2