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The UConn Pod: Episode 1

On the docket: Casey Cochran's career over, previewing Boise State and a conversation with 2015 recruit Tyler Davis.

Goodbye, old friend
Goodbye, old friend
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

On a warm, early-September evening, four proud Connecticut Huskies took to the interwaves and recorded what is hopefully the first of many, many episodes of The UConn Pod.

I had a lot of fun doing this and hope you guys enjoy listening. We have many great members of the UConn community, including athletes, writers and more, lined up to appear in future episodes. Please feel free to email me with suggestions.

I would also like to throw a huge shout out to my good friend Brenner Pieszak, who did the sound editing for this and will be a contributor once basketball season starts.

The UConn Pod Episode 1: 9/12

Don't worry, I mostly played point guard on this one, letting the stellar team alongside me lead the way. Here are the players:

  • Kevin Meachem - former co-manager of The UConn Blog, half-owner of the @NoEscalators Twitter account and currently a sports editor in New Jersey. Class of 2009.
  • Andrew Callahan - Beast. The UConn Blog's lead football writer, works as a sports editor in Connecticut. Class of 2013.
  • Tyler Davis - one of the first commitments for Bob Diaco's 2015 recruiting class, ostensibly the future at quarterback for the Huskies. Class of 2019. Yes, you are getting old.