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The Open Thread: BYU at UConn and No. 17 Coastal Carolina at No. 8 UConn (MSOC)

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Two games, two highly anticipated seasons starting, one open thread. LET'S GO!!

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First Half Recap - BYU 28, UConn 7

The name of the game so far has been penalties. A lot of them. BYU has committed 11 for 95 yards and UConn committed five for 65 yards. There were others which were declined and multiple instances of offsetting penalties but yeah, this game had more flags than the United Nations.

Things got off to a rocky start for the Huskies as BYU scored on their first possession without too much difficulty. Max DeLorenzo fumbled on the first play of UConn's first possession and then the very next play by BYU was a 26-yard touchdown pass by Taysom Hill. Very quickly it was 14-0.

The next drive was really important for UConn, and it got off to a positive start. There were a couple of good runs by Marriner, and a very encouraging 18-yard screen pass to Arkeel Newsome. Unfortunately, Casey Cochran threw an interception while under duress and that was the end of it.

The next few minutes got pretty ugly, between the penalties and some sloppy play by both sides. Chandler Whitmer came into the game for a possession but couldn't do much. After we punted, BYU took the ball 46 yards down the field in 1:21 to make it 21-0.

But it wasn't all bad. Jesse Joseph forced and recovered a BYU fumble and the UConn offense, led by Chandler Whitmer, was able to drive down the field for a touchdown. Joshua Marriner got the majority of the touches including the 1-yard touchdown after a BYU pass interference on third down.

Unfortunately, with a little over 2 minutes left in the game, BYU's fast paced offense was able to put another touchdown on the board all too easily. We're down 28-7 at the half, but will get the ball in the start of the second. All things considered, we should be losing by a whole lot more, hopefully we can come out strong.



The Bob Diaco era begins tonight, and what place would you rather be than right here discussing with your fellow fan.

We're doing something a little bit unique tonight. With the No. 8 Men's Soccer team playing a ranked team at the same exact time to kick-off their season, I thought it would be appropriate to include that event in this thread and open it up for discussion here.

Some of you may be new to the site, or maybe just unfamiliar with the open thread, so a quick primer on how these things work:

  • Before Twitter, things called message boards existed so that like-minded people could share and exchange ideas in a safe corner of the internet. The goal would be to hang out here, take in the conversation and engage in a running dialogue going with fellow hardcore fans. A lot of this kind of conversation has shifted to the Twitters, but the open thread still has cache baby!

  • Please keep all comments reasonable. This has never been an issue here, but still warrants mentioning. I'm not outlawing foul language, but please keep things relatively clean and fully respectful.

  • @GifOracle is your best friend. What is that? It is a simple and fun way to add GIF's to the conversation. The directions are simple. Simply type "@oracle gif me BLANK" and use one of the many commands in the library or try your own. It's a lot of fun.

  • Check back here at halftime for our first-half recap. This is a great place to hang out during that brutal break between the football action.

For Football updates you can follow us @TheUConnBlog, as well as @UConnFB_Andrew and for soccer you should follow @danmadigan, @UCGoalPatrol and listen along on WHUS.