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UConn Blog Staff Predictions - 2014 Football Season

Who ya got!

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Matt Stypulkoski

Final Record: 4-8. Despite the fact that the Huskies have a relatively easy schedule, the first year of the Diaco era will require plenty of adjustment and the learning curve will lead to a less than desirable season as far as wins go.

MVP: Max DeLorenzo. UConn has always been known as a strong rushing team. With Lyle McCombs in the backfield the past few years, the offense wasn't as able to pound it up the middle simply due to his size. DeLorenzo is built for power, and he should help the Huskies regain their old rushing form.

Breakout player: Casey Cochran. In his first full year running the offense, Cochran may struggle at times, but I believe he'll show enough to give UConn fans hope for the coming years.

Passing yards by UConn offense: 3,000-3,500

UConn's best chance for an upset: UCF. By that point in the season, the Huskies record may be less than impressive, but that doesn't mean they won't be putting the pieces together. If UCF sees an average-at-best record and comes in less than completely focused, UConn could use the opportunity to pull an upset.

Bold Prediction: UConn fans will stay interested in football into November. While in years past interest waned after First Night, this year, the hope that Diaco brings to the program - combined with a few good showings - will keep the Husky faithful engaged.

Ben Cantor

Final record: 8-4

MVP: Geremy Davis- will be first team All-AAC as well as a future NFL draft pick after a second consecutive 1,000 yard season, also best hair on the team over Casey Cochran's mullet.

Breakout player: Graham Stewart, finally healthy, Stewart will lead the team in tackles and be absolutely everywhere on the field this year.

Passing yards: 3000, passing game will be good for the first time since 2004 with Davis and Foxx making big plays

UConn's best chance for an upset: Tonight against BYU. The Cougars are a strong team with an frightening dual threat quarterback, but with the most passion surrounding uconn football since 2010, the players with thrive off the rent and start the Bob Diaco era 1-0.

Bold prediction: Bobby Puyol leads the nation in game winning field goals with 3. ALL IN FOR BOBBY.

Dan Madigan

Final Record: 6-6

MVP: Geremy Davis. Davis should thrive in Diaco's new offense and will be the primary beneficiary of Casey Cochran's improvement this season. Davis was a force to be reckoned with last year, even with poor quarterback play from Chandler Whitmer and Tim Boyle and only four games with Cochran. A new and improved offense and quarterback will allow Davis to thrive and gain recognition as one of the best receivers in college football.

Breakout Player: Arkeel Newsome. The freshman all-american from Ansonia could turn into the home run hitter for the UConn offense. Look for him to use his speed and agility to break off long outside runs and serve as a change of pace back to the Berlin Bruiser, Max DeLorenzo.

Passing Yards: slightly over 3,000.

Best chance for an upset: BYU. Although the Cougars are one of the best teams on the schedule, it seems like a near perfect scenario for an upset. Diaco will have the team fired up, and the Rent will surely be packed and rocking with energy. BYU is also without their starting running back and two cornerbacks. I think the Huskies can feed off of Diaco and the crowd's energy and play well enough to grind out their first win of the season.

Bold prediction: Davis wins Fred Biletnikoff award for NCAA's best receiver. This is probably a little beyond bold, but then again, Davis turned in one of the best seasons in UConn history last year with over 1,000 yards receiving and 71 receptions. What's to say he can't do better? He will be an even bigger factor in the Huskies' passing game, and if he and Cochran can get off to a good start, we could witness the evolution of Davis from a solid wide receiver to one of college football's elite pass catchers.

Mac Cerullo

Final Record: 6-6

MVP: Casey Cochran, if he plays anything like he did at the end of last season then he'll pretty much become UConn's best passer since Dan Orlovsky. That's not saying a lot, but given the increased emphasis on passing in football these days, having a guy who can throw will make a huge difference.

Breakout player: Marquis Vann, this guy can really play, and I have a feeling he's going to make the leap into the national conversation this season.

Passing yards by UConn offense: Somewhere in the ballpark of 3,000, probably a little less.

UConn's best chance for an upset: Sept. 13 against Boise State. This isn't the same juggernaut we thought we'd see when this game was announced a few years back, and while they're still very good, I think the Huskies could conceivably pull off the upset.

Bold Prediction: National commentators will start referring to UConn as a team on the rise by the end of the season. We won't contend for the league title, but we'll compete, and people are going to start to take notice.

Aman Kidwai

Final Record: 6-6

MVP: Geremy Davis

Breakout Player: Graham Stewart

Passing yards by UConn offense: 2700

Best chance for a UConn upset: UCF. It's Homecoming, this team will be finding its way by the middle of the season and this just seems like the kind of game where UConn's defense and special teams keep them in it and somehow they find a way to win.

Bold Prediction: UConn goes into their bowl game as underdogs, but win comfortably to finish 7-6 on the season.