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2015 Recruit Derrick Jones cuts list to nine schools

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Will visit UConn soon

Maddie Meyer

Derrick Jones, the forward for Archbishop John Carroll High School and No.30 prospect in the 2015 class according to 247Sports, announced on Twitter on Friday that he has cut his list of schools to nine.

The schools on Jones' list are UConn, Kansas, Kentucky, Florida, Louisville, North Carolina, Arizona, Auburn and UNLV.

His father relayed to SB Nation that he will have the dates of his son's college visits set after the Elite 24, which will take place this weekend. reported that Jones will have a home visit with UConn and coach Kevin Ollie in September.

Derrick Jones evaluated the schools on his list of nine:

UConn: "I just feel conformable with the coaches and everything. Every college they will tell you want you want to hear, but UConn for the coaches, they're real about everything."

Kansas: "They just one of those teams that just get up and down the floor, and that's the kind of game I play"

Kentucky: "I just feel like they accept my game and Coach Calipari, he has formed a lot of number one draft picks and first round draft picks."

Florida: "I just like their style of play. They let their guards and wings run up and down the floor, and they get in pick and rolls and play their game."

Louisville: "The assistant coach of Louisville Kenny Johnson, I mean he just like has been recruiting me since he was at Indiana. He's just like a nice guy, and he's one of those coaches that you can talk to, and he's like cool."

North Carolina: "It's just one of the schools that you would like to go to. They have been recruiting me since like my sophomore year. It's just cool. I just like the coaches and everything."

Arizona: "They just like one of those teams that like get up and down and play my game too."

Auburn: "The coach Chuck Person, he's a good guy and he told me like if I go to Auburn for my freshman year it's not like I won't be playing. I'm going to get on the floor freshman year, I will have to fight for a spot, but just go out there and play, and just compete with everybody and just play."

UNLV: "Coach Ryan Miller, i've been talking to him lately. He is a nice guy and he is just another one of the coaches that you can just like talk to."

Derrick Jones told SB Nation that he's unsure when he will make his college decision, but mentioned that he will cut his list before he does.


Harrison Malkin writes for Big East Coast Bias on SB Nation, you can follow him on Twitter @HarrisonMalkin.