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Dear Husky Nation,

If you are a fan of UConn sports, a current student, alum or resident of this great state, please read and take to task.

Back in the 80’s, a great man named Jim Calhoun stepped foot on our campus and ever since we have climbed from a school in the sticks of northern Connecticut to a nationally known university. We watched our Huskies shock Duke and also our diplomas worth climb to unthinkable value in the world of academics. We are all very proud of our rise in this world. We have climbed to heights no one thought was possible. But today, we find ourselves with a major challenge ahead of us. What’s happened the past decade with conference realignment and other factors has UConn fighting for our lives both on and off the field. We have been very successful both in winning games and building an impressive fan base. Other schools simply have been at this level way longer than us. It’s an uphill battle. No one is more ready to fight this battle then us. It’s doable.

The nature of where college sports is trending is scary. The power conferences will be makings tens millions of dollars more than UConn immediately due to TV contracts. We are on the outside looking in. In order for UConn to get to the promise land, we need to make a collective effort as a school and fan base to invest in the future. The Athletic Department is doing its part, Susan Herbst, our great president, is clearly mapping out a path towards high research capabilities. To match this, we, the fan base, must buy in. This is the movement, it must start with us. Our battle cry is #HuskyUp.

We challenge everyone who reads this to take this to heart. How many times has UConn brought you close to tears over the years? Beating Duke in 1999, Dave’s field goal in Florida to clinch a BCS bid, Geno’s 9 (NINE!!!) championships, Kemba’s ankle breaker that Gary Mcghee is still recovering from. There are countless examples of classic moments in UConn history; we have been truly blessed as fans. Whether you’re a fan of all UConn sports or a specific one, we have a common goal. It’s to get UConn to the promise land and an invite to a Power conference. In order for this to happen, we need to rise as a fan base.

This is how you can help. We need to sell out the Rent, attend games and become a larger fan base. We challenge each and every one of you to buy in to this movement. In order to get this fan base to the next level, it’s going to take a grass roots effort from everyone who has ever been touched by UConn to take a few minutes and give back. Every fan has a different level of fan hood. Some live in Connecticut and attend games, others watch on TV and many donate each year. No matter what type of fan you are, you are a fan and you are great.

We challenge you to do the following and join this movement. Please help by doing whatever is within your means to help. No one is asking for miracles, simply some effort on any level you feel you can help.

  1. If you have a Facebook, copy and paste this post and the video into a post so that it goes to your news feed and all your friends get to read and watch.
  2. If you have other social platforms (Instagram or Twitter for example) spread the movement.
  3. Send an email out of this post to your softball teams, your Tuesday night poker crew, your weekly book club, church groups and so on. Any small group or activity you enjoy - reach out. Invite them to tailgate and enjoy a game. The fan base has many great tailgates which casual fans can join.
  4. Turn your TV on to every UConn football and basketball game. If you are attending a game, leave a TV on. If you’re going to a bar, leave a TV on at the house. If you’re not going to watch because of other activities, turn you TV on to the channel anyway. We need to help our ratings rise, especially in NYC and Boston. This is very important.
  5. Have some pride. Wear your favorite t-shirt or jersey in public more and more. We have nothing to be ashamed about. We are winners. Be proud of the brand of your favorite school and let the public know you support them.
  6. If you are a student, buy your season ticket. Let’s sell that student section out with ease and force the athletic department to expand the section. Start posting on Facebook and other platforms about going to the games and if you have room in a car, offer the seats up to anyone on campus. What’s the worst that can happen? A new student joins your crew for a game and then it turns out he knows a couple hot girls from down the hall you party with later? Don’t threaten me with a good time. Come on, grow a set and be a Husky!
  7. If you’re a young alum, reach out to your former classmates and challenge them to join you at games. Be a leader and take the lead on forming groups consistently going to games. It takes effort from 1 to gather a group. The long-term effects of this effort are important.

If you took the time to watch this video and read this post then you’re invested in UConn just like us and thousands of others. We all bleed blue and want the best for UConn. It’s going to take effort and will for this fan base to help our beloved Huskies rise to the top. We feel we have the right leadership in place in Storrs to take us to heights we have yet to experience. Now, it’s time for our fan base to fight arm and arm with them. Take a few minutes out of your day and spread this message any way you seem fit. Join us in this movement.