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DE William Richardson Commits to UConn

He becomes the twelfth freshman member of UConn's incoming class

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday on their site, Rivals quietly added 2-star recruit William Richardson to the list of UConn's list of incoming commitments. There was no story, no history, no background to work with.

After some digging, we can confirm through the New Haven Register's Jim Fuller and Richardson's Twitter account that he has in fact committed to the program. He had no other offers yet, but there was interest from Clemson, Penn State, East Carolina and North Carolina.

Richardson represents a geographic breakthrough coming from Washington DC's Ballou High School. It's good to see Diaco and his staff being able to recruit talent from this prospect-rich area.

Depending on which recruiting site you follow, he stands between 6-foot-3/6-foot-4 and somewhere between 215-220 pounds. He is a starter at Tight End and Defensive End-- my guess would be that he plays the latter for UConn as we already have two Tight Ends in the Class of 2015 so far. If that assumption is correct, that would make him the second defensive end and third defensive lineman in the class.